Our Vermont Specialty -

Vermont Maple Butter Sandwich cookies

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Alice's Kitchen is a proud participant of the 19 days of Norwich, which benefits The Haven (a non-profit shelter for the homeless) located in Hartford, VT.

Pictured here,  Sheila, Kate and Alice, working it for The Haven at the local fair in Norwich, VT !

About Alice's Kitchen

Alice's Kitchen was started by two good friends who have a passion for baking.

These friends met and worked together at a small culinary school before setting out on their own to form a company and produce the Parisian cookies for all to enjoy.  They happily did just that for a few years.

Today, Alice's Kitchen has expanded the offerings, and taken some twists and turns along the way. It is now just Alice carrying on the baking. Heidi has a great new, non-baking job, but they remain friends.