Our very first 5 boxes of Soldier Cookies going to soldiers stationed in Iraq.  January 2017

Soldier Cookies

Large chocolate chip cookies, on sale now at Farmway in Bradford NH.  The proceeds from these cookies help fund the Soldier Cookie porgram

Many, many thanks to the folks at Treat the Troops ...a wonderful organization that has sent over 5 MILLION cookies to soldiers overseas, and upon whom Alice's Kitchen modelled their Soldier Cookie program upon !   

A view inside one of the boxes...this box went overseas packed with 7 dozen cookies

Packing the boxes with cookies !  The boxes contain a mix of good old favorites from the USA: such as M&M cookies, gingersnaps, oatmeal raisin, and Alice's Kitchen own Vermont Maple Butter Sandwich cookies.   The particular mix of cookies may vary with each shipment. 

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Alice’s Kitchen is starting a new endeavor sending cookies to American soldiers based overseas.  It is our way of saying thank you, and that we appreciate their efforts and bravery.      

If you know the name and address of any soldier currently deployed overseas, and would like them to receive  - at no charge- a large box filled with dozens of homemade cookies, please contact Alice’s Kitchen.  

Email us at info@aliceskitchen.com

or use the contact link on this website.  

Thank you !